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Founded in 2017, Opportunity Calls Everyone Family Development Center was established with an aim to provide youth and teens on James Island and the greater Charleston SC area a nurturing environment in which they can embrace their opportunities and reach their fullest potential. We strive to inspire action and support our community’s young people with purposeful programming and devoted mentors. Over the course of the last three years, O.C.E has hosted summer camps and most recently partnered with James Island Arts and Culture Center to host afterschool program.

Our Mission 

The purpose and mission of Opportunity Calls Everyone (OCE) family development center is to provide a nurturing environment in which youth and teens can vision their opportunities and embrace those opportunities to reach their fullest potential with mentoring programs, entrepreneurship,  and college preparation while focusing on their character skills, leadership skills, and internal-external self-confidence. 



Improved self-confidence and grades

• Increased positive attitudes toward school, positive social behavior

• Reduced aggression and drug use rates

     Our Vision

To be a readily accessible teen and young adult development center to those individuals and families seeking personal development, support, and programs to help them overcome life challenges. Together with families, schools, communities, and policymakers, we can work together to ensure that our teens are given the support they need for a clear pathway to a healthy and fulfilled future.

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Our President Denise L Johnson, Palmetto Promise President Ellen Weaver, Senator Tim Scott
Denise and Ranking Member Bryan Steil
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