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A school-based weekly prevention program for 6th through 12th-grade teens focuses on building leadership skills and external-internal self-confidence by addressing various topics as:








Young Entrepreneurs Program

The Young Entrepreneurs Program is a 6-week virtual & in-person exciting program that transforms middle and high school students into real, confident entrepreneurs. Our mission is to provide our participants with the resources, skills, to help shape and grow them into young entrepreneurs. We teach financial literacy, self-awareness, critical thinking, problem-solving, presentation skills, and business skills through the lens of entrepreneurism. Our goal is to partner with local business leaders to teach business principles, marketing campaigns, and have the opportunity to sell their products and services to the community. Our youth and young adults ages 13 to 21 will learn critical workforce readiness skills and help develop a mindset for 21st-century careers whether or not they become an entrepreneur.

Kickback Circle Talk 

The Kickback circle provides support in a safe place where teens, young adults, and families who are grieving can share their experiences. Together in this group, we build resilience, strengthen families, restore hope, instill renewed purpose in life, and develop coping strategies. Our groups and events give opportunities to learn more about grief and coping strategies as well as connect with grieving peers. These connections can reduce isolation and give space to explore the wide range of emotions associated with the loss of a loved one. The Kickback Circle is open to anyone who has lost a loved one as a result of illness, accident, suicide, or homicide. Grief is hard, but knowing you are not alone can help.

The Kickback Circle will offer Peer grief support groups for FREE

Groups meet monthly in the evening virtual via zoom

Groups run by guest mental health professionals

The Kickback Circle will host Monthly Kickback Workshops.

  • Activities include music, art therapy, game night, social activities, & entertainment

  • ·Participants decide how long they wish to attend group



This is a Box that we send to college students that attends HBCU colleges. These students are facing life challenges outside of being full-time or part-time college students. We are dedicated to sending 10 boxes a month to students that have transitioned out of foster care, homeless, low-income families, single-parent family homes, first-generation college students, students that have been a part of our kickback circle, and teen parents. We want our boxes to arrive at our students at the right time. We want our students to experience the excitement of receiving the box and opening a box filled with kind thoughts.  Our goal is to increase the number of students that we serve monthly with the help of ongoing donations of items to be placed in the box, gift certificates, monetary donations, and or you can commit monthly to the Project Adopt-A- College Student

The BFW Care Boxes will include at least five items: 

1.     Food item (snack) or gift certificate to a restaurant ($5 or more)

2.     Toiletry items

3.     Gift

4.     School supply item

5.     Motivational message

6.     Write-up on a Black in History 

7.     Scholarship or Grant Information  

The young Entrepreneurs program will host community market events throughout the year to provide the young entrepreneurs' opportunities to engage local business and community support.  

  • Self-Esteem

  • Life Skills

  • Financial Literacy

  • Goal Setting

  • Drug or Alcohol Use

  • Healthy Relationship

  • Relational Aggression/ Bullying

  • Social Anxiety 

  • Anger Management

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